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Angelina Jolie says she's not wearing a wedding ring

Did Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally get married? It's an answer you've been waiting for since the last time there was a rumor that the two had secretly tied the knot.

Today's rock-solid proof that the A-lister and her betrothed are still just engaged comes from a new TMZ video and a truth-seeking paparazzo in Los Angeles.

"Is that a wedding ring, Angelina?" the voice shouts off camera. "No, it's not," Jolie says through the back of her head as she's ushered into a waiting SUV.

So there you have it. The gold band she was wearing on her left ring finger during a recent humanitarian trip to Africa is still nothing more than just a piece of jewelry. The fact that she actually deemed the question worth answering -- after being with Pitt for 8 years -- strikes us as a bigger deal at this point than her answer.

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