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Ann Romney, 'frustrated' with 47% fallout, casts Mitt as caring man at the 'bedside of a dying boy'

Ann Romney, wife of the GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, sat down with The Tonight Show's Jay Leno on Tuesday to talk about the fallout from her husband's remarks on the 47%.

Romney said she found the situation "very frustrating," and then went on to describe her husband as someone who "cares for the 100%," including a "dying boy."

Here's her full response:

Again it's a very frustrating thing because you try so hard to get your message out and you try so hard to let people know this is a guy that I know cares. This is a guy that cares for the 100%. And you don't like those things to get misinterpreted as to what, why we're running, and how strongly I believe in  how important it is in what Mitt can bring to this country. And so we care about the 100%. And I've seen this guy through his entire life do the most extraordinary things and the thing that I notice—there are two things about Mitt: that he cares and he's confident. And there's things I've seen him do when he was a busy, busy executive, and just starting our family and all of these boys, and all of this confusion. But where do you find Mitt? You'll find him at the bedside of a dying boy. And who is he bringing there with him? He's not talking about doing something, he's the guy that does. He just goes and does. And that's who I know him to be... he's a caring person. And it's the ups and downs of a campaign—it's frustrating.