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Answered: Are Kathie Lee and Hoda really friends off-camera?

Everybody wants to know if Hoda and Kathie Lee secretly plot one another's demise like 1930s screen vixens. So during Sara's weekly Q&A, one fan asked outright.

"Hoda and Kathie Lee, you look like you get along so good on set. Is this for real off-set?" asked Brenda, a sassy viewer from Dallas.

"You can't fake this kind of friendship," Kathie Lee said. "We didn't start out not as friends, but the more time we spent together … Once you start sharing life together, then you bring that life to the set."

"We're really lucky," said Hoda.

Awwwww. Well, the couple that waterslides together, stays together.

Julieanne Smolinski is a contributor. She wants to be Brenda's BFF.


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