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App tracks your child's pooping habits

Baby Manager

How often did your child fill his or her diaper today? How quickly did you take care of the messes? If a new iPhone app which includes a "Poo Management" feature is any indication, these are questions you should be able to answer.

The app is called Baby Manager and in exchange for $2.99 it will help you raise your newborn baby — by encouraging you to obsessively track the child's eating and defecating habits.

The app offers features to time and log any feedings, track diaper changes, graph your child's preferred eating hours, manage fluid intake, and easily share how quickly you change diapers via the social media service of your choice.

I'm not a parent, so I can't claim to understand why someone might feel the urge to track all these things — unless there was some sort of medical concern. But if there is a good reason to log diaper changes and feedings, then this app will probably make life quite a bit easier and better organized.

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