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Apr. 22: 'My Kid Would Never Do That: Driving'

As part of a four-week series reported on by Natalie Morales, “Dateline’s” My Kid Would Never Do That: Driving premieres on Sunday, April 22 at 7p/6c.

Giving your teenager the keys to a car is one of the scariest moments of parenthood. Will they make safe choices? With hidden cameras, we watch, along with Robert Turrisi, a Penn State professor and consultant to MADD, as teens make decisions in what appeared to be three potentially dangerous situations:

• Will they text while driving, even though they’ve promised not to?

• Will they get into a car with a teen they think has been drinking?

• What about with a driver who says he is high?

And on Monday, April 23 at noon ET, Natalie Morales will host a hangout on Google+ and to discuss Sunday’s episode. She will be joined by Jan Withers, MADD's National President,Rafael Lemaitre who is the Communications Director for the White House Drug Policy Office, and Michele Borba, a child safety expert. In addition, the co-producers of Dateline’s My Kid Would Never Do That franchise will offer their behind-the-scenes insights, and preview next Sunday's show.