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Arab-Israeli Performer 'Gives Peace A Chance'

Mira Awad in performance.
Mira Awad in performance.Nanni Fontana

Mira Awad is and internally acclaimed Arab-Israeli stage and television star who strives to give peace a chance. Born in Rameh, Galilee to a Palestinian father and Bulgarian mother, she is most recognizable for her role in the cutting edge Israeli TV show "Arab Labor." In 2009 the multi-talented performer co-wrote the Eurovision Song Contest finalist "There Must Be Another Way" with Achinoam Nini. Awad is currently in the middle of a weeklong engagement at the Metropolitan Room in New York City. Her show, "Arab Fusion" is a mix of original songs, pop songs and Middle Eastern Folk and runs from now until June 8th.

For generations, Israeli and Palestinian youth have witnessed and suffered trauma. Though many have never met their Palestinian or Israeli counterpart, they have come to see each other as the “enemy” in an ongoing conflict. Artsbridge Institute

hopes to challenge these preconceived ideas by bringing young people together to experience each others cultures first hand.

Interview Conducted Via Email By: Giacinta Pace

Q: What is your charity?

Mira: Artsbridge, Inc. is a Boston based nonprofit organization that uses art and dialogue to develop constructive partnerships between American, Israeli, and Palestinian youth. With partner sites in the United States, Israel, and the West Bank, the goal of Artsbridge is to create a safe environment for its students, which fosters understanding, curiosity, creativity, and leadership. Through the visual arts and dialogue Artsbridge empowers its students to become leaders in the quest for a brighter future in and outside of their own communities.

Q: What is your role with the organization?

Mira: For the last two years I have been supporting Artsbridge, singing in their different events, and this week, June 11th (which happens to be my birthday!) I will be singing in a gala evening in benefit of Artsbridge in Boston, raising money for their upcoming projects.

Q: When there are so many other causes out there, why is this one so important?

Mira: I strongly believe that Arts can bring people together better than anything, and when young people meet and join their creative energies, they bridge over all the differences that might have been standing between them. I myself use music to bridge over cultural differences and to reach out with a message of peaceful co-existence.