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Australian Authorities Find $1 Billion of Meth Mostly Hidden in Bra Inserts

The massive haul of meth was hidden in thousands of imported silicon bra inserts, and art supplies.

Australian authorities seized nearly 53 gallons of liquid meth hidden in thousands of imported silicon bra inserts, federal police said Monday.

The authorities who carried out the three-month anti-drug operation, which also found hundreds of liters of meth concealed in art supplies, estimated the street value of the seized "ice" at nearly $1 billion.

The inserts were discovered at a container facility in December. The 86 boxes from Hong Kong were destined for a 33-year-old Hong Kong national, police said in a statement.

The supplies, which also included crystal meth, were "linked" to two Hong Kong nationals and a Chinese national in Sydney.

The four were charged with importing or manufacturing the drug.

Four people have been charged for their alleged involvement in the importation and manufacture of 720 litres of methylamphetamine with an estimated potential street value of more than $1 billion.Australian Federal Police