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Axelrod describes scene at Obama campaign HQ: 'Cheering, crying, hugging'

The Obama campaign's senior political adviser David Axelrod described an emotional scene at the president's re-election headquarters Thursday when the Supreme Court handed down its decision to uphold the administration's hard-fought health care law.

Incorrect initial reports that the individual mandate to require all Americans obtain insurance was struck down fooled not only the president but also his senior campaign managers, Axelrod relayed during an appearance on Morning Joe.

"I was sitting in a room in Jim Messina’s office, our campaign manger. We both worked in the White House during the health care debate. The kids in the campaign were out in the big bullpen watching on TV—it was projected on the wall," Axelrod said. "We’re looking at our devices and watching on Twitter and the first thing that comes across is the CNN piece that says the mandate is struck down and we’re trying to absorb this and all of a sudden there’s a big cheer outside and we’re saying, 'What the heck is this?"

The mood quickly turned celebratory.

"Then the fact of what happened became clear to us and Messina and I both kind of got overcome," he said. "It was an emotional moment. We went outside and all these kids were cheering and crying and hugging, and it really was a reminder of why you do the work."