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Ayotte stands in for Romney at pro-life conference

ARLINGTON, VA -– Mitt Romney deployed New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte to speak on his behalf at a pro-life conference just outside the nation’s capital Friday morning, where she repeatedly attacked President Barack Obama.

“How we treat the weakest among us is truly a reflection on who we are as a nation and President Obama’s record shocks the conscious when it comes to protecting life and unfortunately on many other issues as well,” Ayotte told the crowd at the National Right to Life conference. “He has a vision of America that is very different from what we want for our children and our grandchildren. I shudder to think what would happen in a second term.”

Sen. Ayotte, who is commonly mentioned as a possible vice presidential choice for Romney, talked highly of the man she endorsed early on for president this cycle.

“I want you to know, that Gov. Romney is a fighter who will stand up for life and he will restore conservative values based on our moral, our moral grounding in the White House and he will govern as a pro-life president,” she said inside a Hyatt hotel ballroom here.

Referring to the presumptive GOP nominee as “my friend” and “a strong leader” during her roughly 20 minute address, Ayotte laid out just how important she believes the election on November 6 is for the country.

“Life is on the line in this election –- it truly is and we can’t afford to just play defense, we have to get on the offense and we need to elect a pro-life president. We need to elect Mitt Romney to make sure we protect life in the White House,” she said and even jabbed Obama for always having so many celebrities campaigning with him.

“When you stand up for what is morally right, when you stand up for those who don’t have a voice –- that is much more powerful than any celebrity that can come in this room.”

Ayotte, the former Attorney General from New Hampshire, told the several hundred people in attendance that she is the only female pro-life senator in Congress and would work as hard as she could to fight for the future of this country.

The event Friday morning was originally planned as a prayer breakfast but organizers changed it Thursday afternoon to a rally aimed at repealing Obamacare after the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold President Obama’s healthcare law.

“Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision highlights what is at stake in this race,” Ayotte noted during her address.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, who once backed Texas Gov. Rick Perry in the GOP primary, keynotes the closing banquet of the three-day conference Saturday evening. In addition to sending Ayotte on his behalf, Gov. Romney also sent a video message to attendees.