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This 'Battlefield 4' trailer looks so realistic!

Haven't you heard?Freddie Wong

The highly anticipated military shooter 'Battlefield 3' doesn't launch until Tuesday, and already we've been hit with a trailer for the sequel — 'Battlefield 4."

In case you hadn't heard, "Battlefield 4" is due to launch in the year 2017. And wow, check out the graphics. They look so very ... real.

OK,  so this isn't the genuine thing. But we think this fan-made trailer by filmmaker, visual effects artist and all-around game and YouTube guru Freddie Wong can't be far off from what the future of the "Battlefield" series might look like.

Shot on the set of reality show "The Controller," it's certainly a blast to watch and a good way to kill some time before you fire up "Battlefield 3":

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