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Beware of fake Google Music invites


Excited about Google Music, the recently announced free streaming service? A lot of folks are — and others are looking to take advantage of that enthusiasm by trying to get you to hand over your personal data on the basis that they'll give you what's needed to get started with Google Music.

If you get any such "offers" via email or text message or carrier pigeon, know that they're bunk. Google Music, in beta or test mode, is being done by invite-only by Google to those in the U.S., but that's it. It's not being offered by anyone else, period. You can go to this Google site to request an invite.

As website Mashable said Friday:

The beta doesn’t let current users give out invitations to their friends, so no one has spare invites to give you. That includes Mashable writers, your friends online, and any website claiming to be giving away Google Music invites.

Any person or website claiming to be “giving away” Google Music invites is lying, a fact we’ve just confirmed with Google representatives. Because of the way invites are handed out, they’re linked to specific Google Accounts. In other words, one person can’t request an invite and pass it on; the invite has to be requested and accepted by the same Google Account.

So far, we’ve seen all kinds of scam and spam out there around Google Music, from CPA surveys to data gathering apps that prompt you to enter personal information. We should be more surprised at the alacrity of these scam-hounds, but with every great product comes great potential for fraud. Free iPod, anybody?

As's Athima Chansanchai wrote earlier this week, "Once an invitation has been issued, Music Beta will be accessible to those with Gmail logins. Users will add their own music from their computers to the Google cloud."

Just be sure that when it comes to Google Music, the tunes may be in the clouds, but your head should not be.

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