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Biden: Romney a job creator abroad

On the campaign trail today in Iowa, Vice President Biden hammered home the image of Mitt Romney of as a job creator — overseas only. "You got to give Mitt Romney credit. He's a job creator," Biden said, then going in for the punch. "In Singapore. And China. And India."

"Here's the bottom line, folks: Bain and their companies, they made a great deal of money outsourcing and off-shoring American jobs," the vice president told a few hundred people gathered in Waterloo, a town with a John Deere factory. "Yeah, they made a lot of money, but in the process they devastated whole American communities here in the heartland and back in my home state of Delaware."

Calling it a "cruel irony," Biden also criticized the former Massachusetts governor for paying people abroad to answer calls from unemployed residents of his state, inquiring about food stamps. 

Newly released ads from the Obama campaign paint Romney as a shrewd businessman with no heart for American workers. The ad's tagline: Do voters "really want an outsourcer-in-chief in the White House?" Those are running in swing states of Iowa, Ohio and Virginia. 

Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul accused Biden of doubling down on Obama's "misleading" attacks in order to "distract voters from the president’s disastrous economic record."