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Birthers starting to target Mitt Romney: Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank

With Donald Trump leading the way, the group of extremists questioning President Obama's citizenship have managed to insert themselves into Mitt Romney's campaign. Now, the birthers are beginning to question Romney's bona fides, according to Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank. "The same birthers are now saying: 'Where is Mitt Romney's birth certificate? He never released his,'" said Milbank. "They're saying, 'maybe his middle name isn't Mitt, it's Milton."

Indeed, in April 2011, a Boston Globe writer suggested that Romney's middle name comes from his cousin Milton. "A Boston Globe timeline on Mormonism and the Romney family, which was produced as part of a major series during his last presidential run, states that in 1947, 'Willard Milton ‘Mitt’ Romney is born on March 12 in Detroit,'" the writer pointed out.

It wasn't the first time Romney's name has been an issue. In November 2007, Time magazine wrote: “Raise your hand if you knew that Mitt Romney’s given name was actually Willard Milton. Anyone?" A website called has now appeared, hoping to solve the puzzle of the Republican presidential candidate's real name. Said Milbank: "There's all kinds of craziness out there from the birther movement, and when you start palling around with these guys, so to speak, you don't know where it's going to end up."