Boy With Brain Tumor, Ashya King, Admitted to Hospital in Prague

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The 5-year-old boy with a brain tumor, who was taken by his parents from a British hospital against advice of his doctors, was admitted to a hospital in Prague on Monday in preparation for the specialized therapy that he was denied in the U.K. Ashya King was admitted to the University Hospital in Motol, about 15 miles from the Proton Therapy Center, where he is expected to begin proton beam radiation therapy within the week, according to a hospital statement. Ashya has a "highly malignant tumor, and our oncologists must have assurance that the tumor does not grow or metastasize again," before he can receive proton radiation, the hospital's oncology director, Dr. Jan Starý, said.

Ashya's parents — Brett King, 51, and Neghemeh King, 45 — were briefly arrested in late August after fleeing with their son to Spain, sparking a Europe-wide manhunt. When the Kings were released, they said they took their son from University Hospital Southampton in England because doctors there would not treat their son with the proton radiation. University Hospital Southampton said in a statement that there was "no benefit to Ashya of proton radiotherapy over standard radiotherapy," but the Proton Therapy Center said the treatment is proven to prolong life expectancy and increase the quality of life for patients like Ashya.



— Elisha Fieldstadt