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Bush is back: Rewriting history’s Tom Curry: “With its dedication set for Thursday in Dallas, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum is about to join an impressive collection of institutions which commemorate the nation's former commanders in chief. These libraries -- now 13 in all -- cost taxpayers $75 million to operate in the last fiscal year.” While the libraries are built with private funds initially, they are then “turned over to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to be operated with a mix of private and public money.”

Politico: “The one duty we owe to history, said Oscar Wilde, is to rewrite it. Four years after leaving office, the history of George W. Bush’s presidency is being rewritten — ever-so-slowly, and not yet in ways that fundamentally challenge popular understandings of the man and his tenure.”

George W. to his brother on ABC: “He doesn’t need my counsel because he knows what it is: Run! Whether he does or not is an incredibly personal decision.”

Former First Lady Barbara Bush, though, said on “TODAY” that she doesn’t want her son to run. "He's by the far the best qualified man, but no,” she said, adding, “We've had enough Bushes.”

Asked what she misses about the White House, she said, “not one darn thing!"

On CBS, he said he was impressed with how immigration reform’s going: “The problem with an issue like immigration is that there are a lot of moving parts. And a single moving part can end up disturbing a lot of people. And sometimes people focus on the moving parts as opposed to the whole. But I hope they get something done. And I’m impressed by the efforts thus far to get something done.”