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Careful! There's an app which will delete all your tweets


Spider-Man has taught us that great power brings great responsibility. And that lesson should certainly be kept in mind if you ever decide to use a webapp which gives you the power to delete everything you've ever tweeted in just a few clicks.

The app's called TwitWipe and you don't need to be bitten by a radioactive spider in order to use it. All you need to do is grant TwitWipe access to your Twitter account, click through some confirmations and disclaimers, and … wait. Some time later, your Twitter past will be erased.

Before you rush off to try this whole thing out though, let's cover some ups, downs, and words of warning.

The benefit of using TwitWipe? It lets you get a fresh start on Twitter without losing your followers, the people you're following, or your favorites. (You'd be abandoning all of those things if you decided to simply delete your entire account and start a new one.)

Now while that feature — which happens to be the whole point of TwitWipe — is lovely and dandy, there are several downsides to the little webapp, too: It takes a while for the whole wiping process to be finished and the whole thing's permanent. (Read those last words again, please. There's no getting your tweets back once you've used TwitWipe.)

That's about all there is to this particular webapp, folks. Check it out if you dare or desperately need to, but heed the warnings.

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