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Careful what you scheme for

Over at the conservative National Review, Reihan Salam suggests Republicans give up this idea of changing the way select states apportion their Electoral College votes. Salam notes that the more liberal alternative to the current system, the winner-take-all National Popular Vote, has already passed in nine states. And it's literally popularSalam writes:

Rather than work to upend the way the Electoral College has worked in the vast majority of states for most of modern American history, we might want to recognize the virtues of our current arrangement as they compare to the National Popular Vote bill, which would obviate [Virginia's] Carrico bill quite neatly. 

This Carrico bill is a little like mischievously toilet-papering your neighbor’s house while she stacks dynamite around yours on a hot and dry day. 

Shorter Salam: Republicans are accidentally giving a push to the idea of a national popular vote, and under that system, Republicans lose. Oops.

Republicans have lost the popular vote in three of the last four elections, including George W. Bush's victory in 2000. If not for the Electoral College, Republicans might not have propped boots on the Oval Office desk for well more than a decade. No wonder Salam is urging the party to "recognize the virtues of our current arrangement." (Thanks, @pdxuser, for the link.)