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The CEO president?

In National Review, editor Rich Lowry argues that Mitt Romney should dump trying to connect with voters and simply channel his inner CEO.

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The downside: It raises the question if Americans want their president -- in this day and age -- to be more than a competent accountant or a successful business consultant. Do you want this person to be on your TV set (or video player) for the next four years? Do you want him/her to be the one to tell the country the good news as well as the bad? Do you want this person to have the judgment -- even in areas outside of his/her expertise -- to make the right calls?

As Lowry writes, Obama raised expectations among his supporters that he could never meet. And, in that respect, a President Romney would be the anti-Obama.

But is Lowry's pitch for Romney such a low bar that numerous successful Americans could clear? After all, there are lots of people out there that employers -- big ones and small ones -- haven't ever regretted hiring.