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Charlie Sheen, back to work? There aren't many other options, for now

Charlie Sheen’s publicist Stan Rosenfield has confirmed that Sheen’s return to the “Two and a Half Men” set could happen by the end of February — or at least that’s the actor’s “target” projection.

Am I surprised by his quick return? No (after all, this is a guy doing rehab at home).

Do I think it’s a good idea? That’s a little more complicated.

Sheen might be at the epicenter of “Men,” the face and the personality that makes it a success, but it takes 300 or so other humans to actually get the show from script to television set. For the current season, 24 episodes were ordered, 16 of those have been shot (to date, 14 of those 16 have aired). In other words, there’s still a third of a season’s worth of television to be made. If it doesn't happen, then you’re talking about a lot of people losing a third of their salary because one guy couldn’t behave. And that doesn’t seem right.

On the other hand, is it in Sheen’s best interest to return to work after such a short period of time? You don’t have to be an addiction specialist to know that the answer is probably no. However, what’s CBS supposed to do? Not let him in when he shows up on time, prepared and able? I’m sure Sheen’s attorneys would have something to say about that, and let’s not forget, the network has millions and millions of dollars riding on Sheen’s ability to make a show. That does muddy the waters a bit.

So, in the short term, it seems like the utilitarian thing to do is to welcome back Sheen and his healed hernia with open arms. But once the show goes on hiatus this summer, please, Charlie, think about getting things back on track. Just because you can afford your lifestyle, and you can get yourself to work when you need to, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. There are people who do care about you, despite your  “bulls--t.” And it would be nice to know you're actually acting when you're playing the role you play so well.

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