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Charlie Sheen's return to 'Men' won't be his decision

Charlie Sheen might want to return to production of "Two and a Half Men" as early as next week, but the decision ultimately is not his to make, according to a source close to the hit CBS comedy.

"It's still up to the studio and producers when to resume production," said the source. "His successful rehab is really what's most important."

Every week the show is not in production is a week the show's crew is not paid. Reportedly, Sheen has offered to pay one-third of the crew's lost wages, and has requested that CBS and Warner Bros. pay the remaining two-thirds of their salaries. Whether any of that will happen, it's not certain. "It's pretty clear he feels guilty about the crew," said the show source. "It's honorable (that he wants to pay) but that's just the way it is. For people who work in television and production, it's a freelance world unfortunately. I don't know what will happen."