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Chik-fil-A on Muppet recall: nothing to see here

Chik-Fil-A store in Texas recalls Muppet toys.
Chik-Fil-A store in Texas recalls Muppet toys.

Chik-fil-A says its just trying to protect the children and this time they say the danger that worries the company has nothing to do with gay and lesbian people, this time the danger Chik-fil-A is worried about is actually coming from Chik-fil-A. Or at least it might be coming with your Chik-fil-A.

You may have seen the picture on the internet or the one that was shared several thousand times on Facebook from a Chik-Fil-A store in Texas that announced on July 19 that it was recalling Chik-Fil-A Muppet toys. The sign is dated just before the Jim Henson Company announced it would stop providing toys for the fast food chain's kids' meals because of Chick-fil-A's anti-gay marriage stance. 

Our Colleagues at CNBC (the Business folks) reached out to Chik-Fil-A and the company responded: nope, no way, no how, not related:

"Please understand that this is simply a precautionary and voluntary recall by the Chick-fil-A chain.  The timing is purely coincidental.  Anyone representing anything else is offering a misleading and unfair claim."

So nope, the fact that a store in Texas pulled its Jim Henson Toys right as the Henson company publicly shunned the Atlanta-based company are totally not related.