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Turkey Attack: Video Shows Gunman Opening Fire Outside Istanbul Nightclub

Security video from outside the Reina nightclub shows the chilling moments leading up to the New Year's attack that killed 39 people.
Image: Gun attack at a night club in Istanbul
A video capture shows a gunman entering the Reina nightclub in Istanbul early Sunday.DHA via DEPO Photos/EPA

It took less than a minute for a gunman to shoot his way into the Reina nightclub in Istanbul on New Year's Day.

Security video from outside the nightclub surfaced on social media Sunday, showing the harrowing moments leading up to the New Year's terrorist attack, which killed 39 people and wounded more than 60 others — including an American, a U.S. State Department official told NBC News.

The gunman remains at large, according to Turkish police.

In the video, the nightclub's bouncer and a few patrons can been seen lingering near the front door as cars glide down the street. Then, suddenly, bullets begin hailing down, ricocheting off the street and a passing car.

One appears to strike a bystander. Chaos ensues as the gunman enters the screen firing multiple rounds from what appears to be an automatic-style weapon.

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A second video — shot from above the nightclub's entrance — shows men crouching in fear and scrambling inside the club as the gunman approaches the front door. He callously shoots two people before disappearing from the screen.

A third grainy video from inside the club captures the aftermath of the massacre, as a man wearing what appears to be an improvised face mask surveys the damage before running off camera.

Twenty eight of the people killed in the attack were foreigners, according to officials with the Turkish Health Ministry, who listed their nationalities as Canadian, Iraqi, Saudi, Indian, Lebanese, Tunisian, Kuwaiti and Syrian.

An Arab Israeli woman was also killed, Israel's Foreign Ministry said, and her friends were wounded.

Turkish Health Minister Recep Akdag said four of the 65 wounded were still in critical condition.

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Among the injured was one American citizen — Jake Raak, 35, of Greenville, Delaware, who was in Istanbul to celebrate New Year’s, his brother, Mike Raak, told NBC News.

Mike learned the news after receiving a call from his brother, who was hospitalized.

“I was in a club and I got shot,” Mike recalled Jake saying.

The injuries weren’t serious — the bullet struck Jake’s hip and traveled to his knee — and doctors expected him to be discharged and on his way home to the United States within the next day, Mike said.

Still, Mike added, his brother sounded horrified.

“He was completely shaken,” he said.