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Chimp Escapes Zoo, Takes Dramatic Plunge From Power Line

Chacha, a male chimpanzee, had been gone from the Sendai zoo for roughly two hours on Thursday afternoon when he was spotted atop a power line.

Chimp Chase Gets Wild

April 14, 201600:36

Chacha wasn’t ready to go home.

A male chimpanzee escaped from the Sendai Yagiyama Zoological Park, in northern Japan, on Thursday afternoon and was gone for roughly two hours bwfore he was spotted atop a residential power line, the Associated Press reported.

In dramatic video footage, Chacha is seen using the lines and utility poles like trees branches, gracefully swinging forward, then pausing and sitting, then baring his teeth at spectators.

Chacha, a male chimp, screams at a worker in Sendai, northern Japan, on April 14, 2016.Kyodo News via AP

When zoo workers use his back as a bulls-eye for a sedative dart, he screams and quickly rushes across a power line — only to plunge into a blanket held by the workers below, the AP reported.

Zoo officials told Agence France-Presse that Chacha was not injured in the fall.