Chinese Pickers Prepare 'Ultimate Green Tea' By Hand

Image: Season Of Longjing Tea-Picking In Hangzhou
Chinese farmers pick Longjing tea leaves at a tea plantation of Longjing Village on March 28 in Hangzhou, China.Hong Wu / Getty Images Contributor

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Spring marks the beginning of tea picking season in China, and with it brings the famous green tea renowned for its high quality, Longjing tea. Also known as Dragon Well tea, the leaves are typically picked and prepared entirely by hand, with the price of Longjing tea reaching around 2,000 yuan (about $320) per pound.

In the photo above, Chinese farmers pick Longjing tea leaves at a tea plantation in Longjing Village on Friday in Hangzhou.

Ethnic Dong women work at a tea leaf processing factory in Liping county, Guizhou province, on Friday. According to local media, Liping county's tea plantations attracted more than 60,000 women workers from nearby villages this spring.SHENG LI / Reuters
A Chinese farmer roasts fresh Longjing tea leaves using traditional hand techniques during the Longjing tea picking festival on Friday.Hong Wu / Getty Images Contributor
A Chinese woman tastes Longjing tea during a ceremony for the tea picking festival on Friday in Hangzhou.Hong Wu / Getty Images Contributor