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Christie: 'Never stand silent when our citizens are being short changed'

"We now look forward to what we hope will be quick Congressional action on a full, clean Sandy aid bill — now, next week — and to enactment by the President. We have waited 72 days, seven times longer than victims of Hurricane Katrina waited. One thing I hope everyone now clearly understands — New Jersey, both Republicans and Democrats, will never stand silent when our citizens are being short changed."

-- Chris Christie Thursday in his State of the State address.

FLASHBACK: Jan. 2, Chris Christie news conference:

"Americans are tired of the palace intrigue and political partisanship of this Congress, which places one-upmanship ahead of the lives of the citizens who sent these people to Washington, D.C., in the first place. New Jerseyians and New Yorkers are tired of being treated like second class citizens. New York deserves better than the selfishness we saw displayed last night. New Jersey deserves better than the duplicity we saw displayed last night. America deserves better than just another example of the government that has forgotten who they are there to serve and why. Sixty-six days and counting, shame on you. Shame on Congress."