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Citigroup Shareholders to CEO Pandit: Sorry, Vikram

Have owners of Citigroup stock been affected by the Occupy Wall Street bug? 

On Tuesday, more than half the bank’s shareholders gave a strong no-confidence vote to Chief Executive Vikram Pandit’s $15-million pay package.

The vote, while non-binding, marks the first time a financial giant’s stock owners have joined forces to oppose super-sized compensation.

As one shareholder told The New York Times, “C.E.O.’s deserve good pay but there’s good pay, and there’s obscene pay.”

In a statement released after the annual shareholders meeting in Dallas, Citigroup said its board and senior management “will carefully consider [representative shareholders’] input.”

Last year, Pandit took home $7.72 million, according to Forbes. Citigroup also reportedly awarded him an estimated $40 million through 2015 as a retention package.

You may recall that in the aftermath of the financial meltdown of 2008, Pandit accepted a token $1 salary for 2009 and 2010.