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Clever case turns your iPad 2 into a netbook

Do you keep looking at your shiny new iPad 2 and wishing that it was more like a netbook? Well, you can stop sighing because the ClamCase will fulfill all your dreams. 

The ClamCase is a clever little product which basically makes an iPad 2 look and feel a bit more like a netbook by acting as a stand, case, and Bluetooth keyboard accessory. 

Of course, the product has been available for the first-generation iPad for some time, but now it's received an iPad 2-specific makeover. This means that there are cutouts in the case's shell which expose the back camera and built-in iPad speakers as well as integrated magnets which will let your iPad 2 know whether the case is open or closed.

Not a bad way to add a keyboard and hinge to your iPad 2!

The ClamCase for the iPad 2 can be ordered now for $149.

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