Clive the Cat, Missing for a Year, Found Fat and Happy — in Pet Food Warehouse

A cat that had been missing for more than a year in Toton, England, was finally found this week — living and dining sumptuously inside a pet food warehouse.

Workers at the Kennelgate Pet Superstores warehouse in nearby Stapleton had been trying to catch the culprit for a week after they spotted evidence of a cat living among the stacked boxes of food.

The cat — a Norwegian Forest Cat named Clive — was finally captured Wednesday using a trap lent by Cats Nottingham Rescue, Kennelgate said in a news release.

"It's a mystery as to where he has been over the past 14 months but we think he couldn't of ended up in a better place what with all the free pet food he could dream of, not forgetting the odd warehouse mouse!" the company said.

Clive's owner, Tanya Irons, told the BBC that she'd assumed that Clive — who was just 9 months old when he vanished — had been taken in by a new owner.

"I can't believe he's so porky," she said.

Kennelgate said the incident "really does go to show the importance of micro-chipping your pet."