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Cocktail Moment: Brandy Alexander

No, you didn't miss anything on tonight's show, this is from March 29. I was away and I've only just realized it wasn't added to our growing blog collection, so I'm inserting it now. This segment was worth watching twice anyway, so sit back and re-enjoy while I update the record.

The Brandy Alexander is the easiest cream drink to make. 

  • 1 part cream - No skim milk allowed! No watered-down concessions!
  • 1 part creme de cacao (The only difference between light and dark is the color) dark looks nicer
  • 1 party brandy (as you see in the video, cognac is not unreasonable)

Note, the recipe calls for equal parts. That makes it easy. You don't need a measuring vessel of any specificity. 

Shake some ever-loving sense into it and strain it into a cocktail glass.

Some people make it with two parts cream to one part each of liquors, but you don't need to.