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Cocktail Moment: The Emergency Manager, by Chris Savage of Eclectablog

I spent the morning reading headlines from Michigan, a state we have covered a serious lot over the last couple of years, ever since Republicans there passed the emergency manager law. Unhappy with the way that law uprooted local democracies, Michigan voters repealed it this month. Michiganisstillamess, but it does look as if Michigan citizens might get more say in the next round of proposed solutions.

Speaking from way over here in New York, I just want to say that Michigan would not have had the national coverage it got (from us or anyone) and likely would never have gotten that repeal measure on the ballot and almost certainly would not have passed it without the fierce blogging of Chris Savage on Eclectablog (Exhibit A). The other day, Chris invented a drink called the Emergency Manager and gave our little show a toast, but really, the toast goes back to him. We don't do stories in order to effect change; neither could we have done those stories without Chris Savage. Plus, he forgave us for getting Eclectablog's name wrong the first time we mentioned it on the air (my bad, totally, as you can see in the video above).

The other night after the show, Rachel made us a couple of Chris's custom Emergency Managers from goods he sent. Chris, my friend, we thank you for the whiskey and everything else. We love your drink. And we'll leave the recipe with you, so folks can come over and get it.

P.S. Chris, did you know Benton Harbor brought in a city manager the other day? Keep typing...

UPDATE: We have since learned that Anne Savage, who is married to Chris, made the chai simple syrup. Trust me, Anne is awesome in her own way.