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CodePink wants you to 'bring your vagina to the RNC'

CodePink, a women’s activist group that began in 2002 to protest the Iraq war, will bring a bit of theatrics to the Republican confab in Tampa later this month.

The group is calling for women to design “artistic representations of their vaginas” that CodePink can deliver to Republicans during its National Convention in Florida. It will quilt the artwork together and display it during the March on the RNC, a demonstration by a coalition of progressive groups, Monday, Aug. 27. It is part of its call to "bring your vagina to the RNC."

Rae Abileah, co-director for CodePink, said the plan was to “do something a little more creative and flamboyant,” while working to “send a strong message to end the war on women.”

It also called for women to create vagina costumes that activists can wear during the march. Abileah said it expects about two dozen protesters, a “small but vocal” group.

The anti-war organization plans to protest at both the Republican and Democratic National conventions. It will address drones and other issues related to war, as well as super PAC money, in addition to reproductive rights, Abileah said.

Its theme at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., this September is to “bust up big banks,” and includes participation in an Occupy Wall Street ‘South’ rally and march Sept. 2. Charlotte is home to a number of the country’s largest banks, including Bank of America.