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Colorado shooting leaves 12 dead, dozens injured

Based on the latest reports, a 24-year-old gunman opened fire in an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater early this morning, killing 12 people and injuring dozens more. The alleged shooter is in custody, after being apprehended in the adjacent parking lot.

NBC's "Today" show had this segment earlier, but note that the reporting was based on initial estimates, and the list of victims has since gone up.

This appears to be among the deadliest American mass shootings in recent memory, following Jared Lee Loughner's attack in Tucson in January 2011, which left 6 dead and 13 injured, and the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, in which Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people and wounded 17 before committing suicide.

We do not yet have information on the alleged shooter, though he was reportedly driving with a Tennessee license plate, and was dressed in all black, possibly with goggles, a helmet, and a bullet-proof vest. It's worth noting that this was at a midnight screening of "Dark Knight Rises," where many moviegoers were wearing Batman-related costumes.

We do not yet know whether the gunman acted alone, though Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates told reporters there is no evidence of additional suspects, and the FBI said this morning there is no indication that the violence is connected to terrorism.

Homeland Security Adviser Jon Brennan notified President Obama of the incident at 5:26 a.m. ET this morning. The president issued an official statement, saying, "Michelle and I are shocked and saddened by the horrific and tragic shooting in Colorado. Federal and local law enforcement are still responding, and my Administration will do everything that we can to support the people of Aurora in this extraordinarily difficult time. We are committed to bringing whoever was responsible to justice, ensuring the safety of our people, and caring for those who have been wounded. As we do when confronted by moments of darkness and challenge, we must now come together as one American family. All of us must have the people of Aurora in our thoughts and prayers as they confront the loss of family, friends, and neighbors, and we must stand together with them in the challenging hours and days to come."

Update: Moments after I published this, local officials put the death toll at 12, not 14. I've corrected the text and headline accordingly.

Second Update: The suspect's name is James Holmes. Reports this morning indicate his only previous run-in with the law was a 2011 traffic ticket.