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Complications of Condi Rice on VP ticket

Condoleezza Rice (file)
Condoleezza Rice (file)Rogelio V. Solis/AP Photo

Condoleezza Rice topped the list of most wanted to fill a Mitt Romney VP slot.

A newly released CNN/ORC International poll shows 26 percent of Republicans and conservative-leaning independents want the former secretary of state on the 2012 ticket, followed by Romney's formal rival Rick Santorum with 21 percent of the vote. Florida Senator Marco Rubio and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie tied for third place with 14 percent.

She's said over and over again that she's not interested. (The NFL someday, now we're taking).

Well versed in foreign policy, she seems like the obvious choice to appeal to a broad election audience. But a Rice as the vice presidential nominee could also "be very difficult for the base to swallow" after they got to know her more moderate positions, according to Alicia Menendez of

"Her popularity and the possibility of choosing her as a VP pick illustrates the problem that Mitt Romney has. Because she's actually pro-choice and she's said some favorable things about civil unions for gay people as well," Menendez said while discussing potential picks on Wednesday edition of The Last Word. "Mitt Romney has to walk this tightrope of trying to appease the base and continue to convince them that he's on their side, while choosing someone who can appeal to a broad electorate. It's almost an impossible task."

It's an "interesting" prospect for host Lawrence O'Donnell. He said he just wants "to hear her answer questions about taxation and Medicare and stuff like that," but agreed, "the pro-choice thing seems like a killer in that party."

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