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Condemning today's dancing, quad-sexual military (with our annotations)

While the Supreme Court is still pondering major decisions on same sex marriage, here's a little snapshot of where some far right conservatives stand right now on the subject of gay rights. On World Net Daily, Medal of Honor winner Major General Patrick Brady is still fuming mad at President Obama for repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell, which was almost two years ago now. To wit (and the annotations are ours):

Enter Mr. Obama, a progressive moralist, who introduced homosexual conduct into barracks, military communities and foxholes, (1) and transformed our military from heterosexual to quad-sexual (homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender). (2)  As if that weren';t enough, he is now putting females in foxholes (3) much to the delight of our future battlefield enemies. (4) With these changes will come a change in standards: physical for women and moral for Christians.

We are already seeing attacks on Christians and conservatives in the military. (5) How can a military chaplain, Christian or Muslim, not teach the truths of the Bible on sodomy? Mr. Obama and his military sycophants must silence them. And it has begun. (6) The Boy Scouts have been a kind of mini-military, (7) and they face the same moral dilemma. How can they be morally straight when their leadership (essentially to protect their salaries) introduces fornication, by definition, into their ranks? (8)

Unless America wakes up and stops this insanity,(9) we will be celebrating the Army's 239th birthday on Army posts, camps and stations peopled by same-sex couples in gay, lesbian and bisexual clubs where fraternization and adultery are indefinable – as is discipline. (10) Homosexual health, deployment and blood issues will enter battle planning.(11) Soldiers will see their chain of command dancing and romancing other men – or women, or both. (12) I wonder if Mr. Obama believes that the sight of him dancing with other men at state functions would be inconsequential. (13) The military will become a sexual and moral morass with readiness in shambles. (14)

....I would not serve in a quad-sexual military, nor would I encourage any young person to enlist in today's military. (15) I would give my life for the country and military I served. I would not give one drop of blood for the country and military we are becoming. Hopefully, on this birthday of our Army and our flag, Americans will pray that the disasters of this presidency will be reversed. (16)

1.  Obviously, there was no homosexual conduct in the military before President Obama introduced it into our barracks.  None. Ever. For further evidence, see: Sparta v Athens, troops, sexual orientation of.

2. Interestingly, the homosexual problem seems to have reproduced all by itself.

3. "Females in Foxholes" -- coming soon to late night TV, somewhere. Four times a week.

4. A recent survey of our future battlefield enemies--currently aged four to seven-- found that 67 percent were "delighted" by the idea of females in foxholes, 24 percent were "somewhat psyched" and the rest want to be Batman.

5. Note: "We" often "see" things "the vast majority of Americans" "don't."

6. This sentence fragment in no way alters the profundity of its message.

7. OK, enough with leaking our military secrets, already! This is the "World" Wide Web you know....

8. True. Recent studies show that supporting gay rights is the surest way to protect one's salary, particularly in the Boy Scouts.

9. Uncle Sam (rubbing his eyes): "Wow, I just had this crazy dream -- the whole military turned gay."

10. And without discipline, there could be a epidemic of sexual assaults in the military. Imagine that.

11. Gay soldiers want it all, don't they? Homosexual health, effective deployment strategies, blood...

12. To say nothing of seeing the entire chain of command in a conga line.

13.  Indeed he would. President Obama has often said that the sloppy execution of the Electric Slide or the Dougie in public could decimate centuries-old alliances.

14. It is well documented that the only reason gay people join the military is to indulge in its laid back, anything goes lifestyle.

15. Besides, young people must now pass rigorous bi- and tri-sexual training courses before even getting a shot at today's quad-sexual military.

16. And if you're currently serving in today's quad-sexual military: pray four times.