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Congress: Anti-discrimination bill unlikely to reach House floor

Politico: “The Senate made history Thursday, voting 64-32 to pass landmark legislation extending workplace protections to the LGBT community. The legislation now heads to the House, where Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) opposes the measure.”

And check out this quote from Eric Cantor’s spokesman, per NBC’s Frank Thorp: "The bill is currently not scheduled in the House," said spokesman Rory Cooper. "I hope Majority Leader Reid soon addresses the dozens of House-passed bills that have been ignored in the Senate that create jobs, improve education and create opportunity while Americans struggle to find a good-paying job."

Jake Sherman goes to Kansas: “Reality has sunk in for one of Congress’s staunchest Obamacare opponents. Just weeks ago, Rep. Tim Huelskamp was one of the most prominent faces of the government shutdown, privately plotting with conservatives to push House Republicans into a strategy they later came to regret. But this week, as he wheeled through county after county, lambasting his congressional leadership and the Obama administration with equal fervor, Huelskamp is publicly admitting that a government shutdown to choke off funding for Obamacare likely isn’t in the cards when government funding runs out again in January. The shift may signal a broader move away from the slash-and-burn tactics favored by some of Congress’s most conservative lawmakers — and a broader recognition on the far right that the GOP is in dire need of a tactical makeover.”

Roll Call: “Sen. Joe Manchin III has followed through on introducing legislation to delay the individual mandate penalty under Obamacare for a year. The West Virginia Democrat teamed up with his friend Mark S. Kirk, R-Ill., on the measure, which they announced late Thursday.”