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Congress: GOP to unveil own Violence Against Women Act

“House Republicans are poised to unveil their version of the Violence Against Women Act as early as next week, eager to put behind them an issue that has been a political hot potato over a key voting bloc,” Roll Call reports. “GOP leadership staffers said many decisions have yet to be made, but what seems resolved is that the House will put forward a bill separate from the Senate version, which passed that chamber last week with 78 votes.”

What are the sticking points? “The Senate version would extend the bill’s domestic violence protections to LGBT victims as well as undocumented immigrants, and, for the first time, it would allow tribal courts to prosecute non-tribal offenders, which brings up jurisdictional issues. The House version of the bill in the 112th Congress did not include those provisions, as Republicans held that they were more politically motivated than anything.”

Sen. James Inhofe is pushing Republicans to filibuster Hagel again,” The Hill notes. Inhofe, the ranking member on the Armed Services Committee, which considered Hagel’s nomination, wrote a letter to his colleagues, in which he suggests that voting for cloture would be akin to voting for Hagel’s confirmation. Inhofe and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) accused Hagel of being “cozy” with Iran.

Get ready for more culture wars. Democrats are planning to introduce comprehensive sex-ed legislation.

Playing chicken: Republican senators want the government to delay listing the prairie chicken as an endangered species to give the private sector more time to prepare, The Hill reports.