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Congress: McConnell to filibuster gun legislation

NBC’s Kasie Hunt reports: “As Obama was speaking -- and the crowd was chanting, ‘we want a vote’ -- the Senate's top Republican announced he would join a GOP filibuster of gun control legislation and oppose allowing a Democratic gun control bill to come to the Senate floor for debate. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell did leave the door open to allowing a gun control compromise bill to come to the floor, but his office said in a statement that he will oppose the version of the legislation that Reid outlined before the Senate's just-concluded two week recess.”

In an op-ed in the Virginian-Pilot, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) says he will vote for univeral background checks, as well as an assault-weapons ban. "We need a better background record check system.  The horrible shooting at Virginia Tech happened after a dangerous young man illegally bought weapons due to a loophole in the records check system.  When we fixed it, we made Virginia safer.  But, too many gaps still exist and over 40 percent of gun sales occur with no check to make sure that purchasers are legally able to possess weapons."

"I'm also convinced that reasonable limits on gun trafficking across state lines, super-size magazines and certain combat-style weapons make sense and I’ll be pleased to cast my vote in support of such measures.  There is no piece of legislation that will eliminate violence.  But, if we take concrete steps, we can make our communities safer."

“The GOP minority outreach efforts continue: This time, it’s Sen. Rand Paul taking the message to a historically black university,” National Journal writes. “Paul will be delivering a speech at Howard University on Wednesday, where he’ll talk about ‘the importance of outreach to younger voters, as well as minority groups,’ according to his office. He also plans to address school choice and civil liberties.”