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Congress: Petraeus' day on the Hill

“Former CIA Director David Petraeus is preparing to field questions from lawmakers about the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya, his appearance on Capitol Hill coming one week after he resigned over an extramarital affair,” the AP writes. “Petraeus is under investigation by the agency for possible wrongdoing, though that's not the subject of the closed-door hearings he is set to attend Friday. The September attack in Benghazi, which killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans, created a political firestorm, with Republicans claiming that the White House misled the public on what led to the violence.”

CNN’s Barbara Starr reported Petraeus will tell Congress he knew “almost immediately” that the attack on U.S. officials in Benghazi was linked to terrorists. But: “According to this source, Petraeus says the stream of intelligence from multiple sources, including video at the scene, indicated the group was behind the attack. But a separate stream of intelligence also emerged indicating ongoing riots in Cairo over an anti-Islamic film might have motivated the attacks. The source says there were some 20 different intelligence reports indicating the Cairo film might be responsible. The CIA eventually disapproved all those reports, but not until after Petraeus’ initial briefings to Congress in which he discussed all possibilities, the source said.”

John McCain was not happy when he was asked about why he missed a Benghazi briefing the day before (at the same time he was holding a press conference).

The Chattanooga Times Free Press: “A decade before calling himself ‘a consistent supporter of pro-life values,’ Tennessee physician and Republican U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais supported his ex-wife’s decision to get two abortions before their marriage, according to the congressman’s sworn testimony during his divorce trial. Obtained by the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the couple’s 2001 trial transcript also confirms DesJarlais had sexual relationships with at least two patients, three coworkers and a drug representative while he was chief of staff at Grandview Medical Center in Jasper, Tenn. During one affair with a female patient, DesJarlais prescribed her drugs, gave her an $875 watch and bought her a plane ticket to Las Vegas, records show.”

DesJarlais (pronounced DAY-zhar-lay) was swept in in 2010 with the Tea Party wave and was reelected in 2012 with 56% of the vote.

Roll Call: “Republican leaders on Capitol Hill were largely silent as new revelations stemming from Rep. Scott DesJarlais’ messy decade-old divorce came to light Thursday. The office of Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio declined to comment….”

A Tom Coburn “Department of Everything” report goes after the Pentagon for $67.9 billion in what he sees as waste. The Boston Globe calls the report “wry but scathing.”