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Congress: Portman's change of heart

USA Today: “Republican Sen. Rob Portman said Thursday that he now supports gay marriage — a surprise turnabout on a hot-button social issue, sparked by a deeply personal reflection that began two years ago after Portman's son, Will, told him that he is gay. ‘It's a change of heart from the position of a father,’ Portman told three Ohio reporters on Thursday during a 45-minute interview in his office. ‘I think we should be allowing gay couples the joy and stability of marriage.’”

The Boston Globe: “A proposal to ban assault weapons and limit magazine capacity was approved by a Senate committee Thursday during a contentious debate that accentuated the parties’ divided views on gun rights and restrictions.”

USA Today: “A Senate panel on Thursday approved a ban on assault weapons, but the measure will face stiff resistance from Republicans and some Democrats on the Senate floor.”

AP: House Republicans are pushing legislation that would end or consolidate dozens of overlapping job-training programs to make it easier for job seekers to gain the skills they need. It’s a goal shared by President Barack Obama, but the GOP bill faces the same partisan differences that hobble much of what comes before Congress.”