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Congress: Putting reform on ICE?

The head of the ICE agents union sent a letter to the Senate’s Gang of Eight with some hotly critical comments about the Obama administration and urging a slowing of a comprehensive immigration overhaul:

"Any comprehensive immigration bill would have enormous consequences for our officers and for the citizens we protect," Crane wrote in the letter obtained by USA TODAY. "One of our chief concerns is that our current political leadership, particularly Director Morton and Secretary Napolitano, have repeatedly undermined our ability to enforce duly enacted immigration law." Crane goes on to write: "We are concerned that ICE and DHS have not been forthright with the American public regarding the criminal records of many of the aliens it released. These practices and others like them clearly place the public at risk and should be investigated thoroughly before any major immigration changes are implemented."

NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell and Jamie Novogrod report that a lawyer for Rep. Michelle Bachmann confirms that Bachmann's presidential campaign is under investigation by the Office of Congressional Ethics. “There are no allegations that the Congresswoman engaged in any wrongdoing,” William McGinley, a Washington lawyer, who provides counsel to Michele Bachmann, said in a statement. “We are constructively engaged with the OCE and are confident that at the end of their Review the OCE Board will conclude that Congresswoman Bachmann did not do anything inappropriate.”

“Sens. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are threatening to filibuster gun-control legislation, according to a letter they plan to hand-deliver to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office on Tuesday,” Politico reports.