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Congress: Renewing the gun push?

“Democratic leaders in Congress and the White House renewed their push for gun legislation on Thursday, just months after it was defeated in the Senate, amid delicate talks on a new background-check measure that advocates hope could change enough votes from no to yes,” the Boston Globe says. “But those negotiations met a warning from Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, who said he would not accept any bill that is substantially weaker than the one defeated in April.”

USA Today: “In the six months since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, lawmakers in four key states have approved significant restrictions on access to firearms. But elsewhere in the USA, the picture is far from clear. A USA Today analysis of the 86 state gun laws passed since Dec. 14 shows that states have both tightened and loosened access to guns. Lawmakers in many states used the spotlight the shootings created to broaden both who can carry a gun and where they can carry it. States including Colorado and Maryland tightened access to guns, Arkansas and Mississippi eased restrictions, and many other states issued rules whose impact could be debated either way.”

Your U.S. House… “More white potatoes and less money to promote breast-feeding: that was the House Appropriations Committee’s prescription Thursday for the popular WIC nutrition program for millions of low income women and their infant children,” David Rogers reports. “The action came as the panel approved a $19.45 billion budget for the Agriculture Department and Food and Drug Administration which would cut almost $1.3 billion from what Congress approved in March for the same accounts. Powerful poultry and banking interests won concessions as well, but the breast-feeding and potato votes best captured the mood.”

Chaser: The L.A. Times in 2011: “Public Enemy No. 1 in America's battle of the bulge isn't cupcakes, soda or double bacon cheeseburgers. It's the simple potato, according to Harvard University researchers.”