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Congress: Shutdown talk loses steam

National Journal writes that "the GOP drive to defund Obamacare is leaking oil. From the leaders of the GOP establishment to usual tea-party allies, a growing number of Republicans are splitting with movement conservatives who are pushing to shut down the federal government if funding is not cut off for President Obama's health care law at the end of September. The growing concern is that the tea-party activists and a handful of senators, led by the troika of Mike Lee, R-Utah, Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Marco Rubio, R-Fla., are marching into battle without a plan for victory short of Obama reversing himself on his signature domestic achievement—an almost unimaginable outcome."

Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul said on Fox News Sunday that he didn't think shutting down the government was a "good idea."

Harry Reid on this truth about the legislative process to the Reno Gazette-Journal about health care specifically: “With legislation, you do what you can get done.”

Reid called Putin “cold” and “calculating,” but the old boxer said this when asked about the possibility of a Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) run against him in 2016: “Brian is a nice guy. If he wants to run, run. You know, you have a long list of people that I've run against ... Bob Broadbent ... Peggy Cavnar ... Demar Dahl ... Paul Laxalt, John Ensign. So if Brian wants to join that group, let him do it. I don't care.”