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Congress: Womp, womp

NBC's Carrie Dann: "The nation is just hours away from a crucial deadline to avert default on its debts and Washington remains muddled in a risky legislative process that has the American people and the rest of the world holding its collective breath. After a furious day of Republican proposals ended with a thud and no House votes to advance a plan, lawmakers have even less time to approve a measure to increase the nation’s borrowing power and end a dragging government shutdown."

Politico: “In the end, it wasn’t only hard-line GOP conservatives that sank Speaker John Boehner’s plan to reopen the federal government and lift the $16.7 trillion debt limit. The Ohio Republican, battered from three years of intra-party battles, was caught between at least three different GOP factions as he tried to craft a compromise agreement: Republicans who didn’t want to slash government health care contributions for Capitol Hill aides, members who thought repealing the medical device tax was a giveaway to corporate America and conservatives, who thought Republican leaders were too soft on Obamacare.”

National Review: “Referring to his plan to preemptively send the Senate a House-passed bill, Speaker John Boehner told his conference this morning that he’d ‘rather throw a grenade than catch a grenade.’ But with his right-wing troops abandoning him again, it was the speaker who was left holding the bomb.”

And this quote: “It’s all over. We’ll take the Senate deal,” says a senior GOP aide.

Roll Call: “The Senate’s leaders appear to have a path forward on a legislative package to avert a default and reopen the government, but a lot of staff work remains before reaching the finish line.”

The New York Daily News pins the blame squarely on John Boehner with this brutal cover: “Hero – saved 12 soldiers in deadly battle” over a photo of yesterday’s Medal of Honor recipient and at the bottom of the page, “Zero – GOP fails to save U.S. from shutdown suffering” over a photo of Boehner.

New York Post cover: “Brink of Disaster.”