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Cookie controversy?

The image that appeared on Oreo's Facebook fan page
The image that appeared on Oreo's Facebook fan page

Pride Month—a time to celebrate diversity and call for equal rights regardless of sexuality. Along with the Pride parades and celebrations all over the country, several corporations use the occasion to pledge their support to the LGBT community—be it through promotional offers, organizing employee events and volunteer opportunities or taking out advertisements.

Yesterday, the official Facebook fan page for Oreo cookies, a Kraft Foods product, posted a photo of an Oreo with six delicious looking rainbow layers with the words “Proudly support love!” and the tagline “JUNE 25/ PRIDE”.

The response was mixed, to say the least.

Over the past 23 hours the image has over 180,000 “likes” and many people are promising to buy extra Oreos to say thanks for the declaration of support.

But it has also prompted angry customers to say they’re boycotting Oreos and Kraft Foods products altogether.  One comment reads: “Goodbye Kraft Foods.. I’d vomit now if I ate any of your products.”  Another: “Very disappointing, Kraft. Hope this PC campaign causes tremendous loss for the stockholders”.

Overall, the support seems to trump the negativity. We’ve seen boycotts like this before-- remember when Ed covered One Million Mom’s attempt to boycott JC Penney after they hired Ellen DeGeneres as a spokeswoman? A Pro-Ellen Facebook group quickly surpassed the amount of members of the “Million Moms”.

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What do YOU think of the Oreo ad?