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'Daily Show' deems Melissa to be a Jedi

Leave it to The Daily Show's Jon Stewart to find a light-hearted angle on the Trayvon Martin cable-news coverage this past Monday, including that on our own network -- and mentioning our host.

Stewart took account of all of the cable-news anchors and pundits who wore hoodies on-air to show support for Trayvon's family, and to make a point about the criminalization of clothing. Then Stewart played Yoda, determining who was a Jedi, who had succumbed to the Dark Side -- and in one hilarious case, who was neither.

Cue to about 6:00 on the video above for proper context. 

First up! MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry. Oh! She's got braids. She's definitely gotta be a Jedi. Braids are a sign she was once a padawan. (laughter) I really know too much about this.

And to think that Luke Skywalker had to go through this, this and this to become a Jedi. And yes, we on the "MHP" staff are all relieved she's not Sith. (Special thanks to those poor souls who haven't seen/hate "Star Wars" for getting this far in the post.)