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Daiquiris, crickets and fishing for votes

After I got old enough to drive in Mississippi, where I grew up, one of the places we liked to go was across the river to Delta, Louisiana, where the land looks even flatter than ours and you could get 64 ounces of frozen daiquiri handed to you, in your car, through a drive-thru window. For us it was over the river, into the alcohol.

The place in the clip below is fancier than the one we went to -- I think that's because it's in New Orleans -- but you'll get the point.


Today, that same dispenser of sin has developed into having a good-sized building and a sit-down menu. But back in the day, selling drive-thru daiquiris was exactly half the business. They didn't advertise the other half so much. You never heard about it on the radio. You could spend your life wheeling through and never know about it.

In a way, that's just so wonderful, people making a living in a manner that made sense for their own time and hometown. In another way, now that we're all thinking about Mitt Romney selling sweet campaign promises and also bait for conservative white voters to hit and liberals to get mad about, I keep remembering our old daiquiri hut and the day we figured out it was the same hand.