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Dateline NBC premieres its social experiment on parenting

Parents like to think that they have taught their children to avoid the most-serious dangers that life can throw at them. But how effective have their words of warning been?

"Dateline NBC" producers set out to find out.

With the help of parents and child behavior experts, "Dateline's" hidden cameras captured children as they made critical real-life choices. Then the producers invited parents and experts to watch the results and share tips that will help children prepare for these situations in real life.

The result, a four-part “Dateline” series titled “My Kid Would Never Do That,” begins Sunday night with the scenario of "stranger danger.” NBC News' Natalie Morales tests elementary school kids, including her own 8-year-old son, as they are invited by a stranger for a private tour of an ice cream truck.  The kids’ decisions culminate in an emotional moment for Morales and the other parents watching remotely via the hidden cameras.

The report also examines a scenario in which teens are urged to give out their personal information online to a stranger, as anxious parents watch and receive feedback from parenting experts.

In coming weeks, the hidden cameras of "Dateline NBC" capture children as they make critical choices about stranger safety, drunk driving, cheating and discrimination.   Parents and experts watch as the surprising, revealing scenarios unfold and share tips that will help children prepare for these situations in real life..