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Dear Azure Santa Claus, all I want for Christmas is....

To know my account balance in 5 seconds or less. Seriously. 

My billing statements from AWS and Azure arrived in my inbox a mere 9 minutes apart today. That's sort of uncanny. Here's what the first two seconds of my Amazon email look like:

Greetings from Amazon Web Services,

This e-mail confirms that your latest billing statement is available on the AWS web site. Your account will be charged the following:

Total: $4.18


I actually dread getting the Azure email. Why? I get a bunch of free Azure stuff via an MSDN subscription (+1 Azure), but I'm always paranoid that I'll leave something on and get charged a lot (actual been there and done that with AWS, -1 Amazon). Forgetting to turn stuff off is not anobody's fault but mine (a reminder email would be nice, though). What really peeves me is this:

Dear Bryan Wheeler,

Your Microsoft Online Services statement is ready.

To view your statement:

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal with the following Windows Live ID:
  2. On the Home page, click View my bills.


Now I have to burn 5 minutes remembering how to find my account balance in the Online Services Customer Portal. Grrrr. Please, please, please Azure Santa Claus. Send me my account balance in the email.