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Decision 2013/2014/2016: 'Severely conservative'

The Boston Globe on Mitt Romney speaking at CPAC: “CPAC is the same conference where Romney officially dropped out of the Republican primary race in 2008, and where last year he said he had been a ‘severely conservative Republican governor.’ … At one of those events, he told supporters that he planned to stay politically active by supporting like-minded candidates and weighing in on issues he cared about. But so far he has kept quiet.”

“They've heard of Sen. Marco Rubio's ‘Watergate’ moment, even in Israel,” the New York Daily News writes. “The Florida Republican once again made light of his awkward reach for a sip of water while responding to President Obama's State of the Union last week, this time with none other than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in on the joke. A photo from their meeting in Israel on Wednesday shows them holding up bottles of water in a toast, both of them sporting wide smiles.

“For the first time in a dozen years, Karl Rove’s critics smell blood,” Maggie Haberman writes. “After his electoral wipeout in November — and motivated by years of resentment that’s spilling over — Rove’s credibility within his own party is at an all-time low.”

NEW JERSEY: Cory Booker looks well situated in a 2014 Senate run so far. Quinnipiac has him with a 59/11% fav/unfav. He would trounce Geraldo Rivera 59-23%, the only opponent tested.