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DNC, RNC flacks duke it out on 'Daily Rundown'

The competing communications directors of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Republican National Committee (RNC) appeared on Daily Rundown Friday and heatedly debated the ongoing controversy over Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital.

"Mitt Romney is a meticulous person—every hair in place, 'i’s dotted, t’s crossed,' He’s not going to allow his name to be held out as the chief executive officer, the sole shareholder, the managing director of all of these things if it wasn’t true," argued Brad Woodhouse, the DNC's communications director. "He likes to take credit for jobs that were created all the way up until today as a result of his work at Bain Capital. He can’t now say that he’s not responsible for any of those things—"

The RNC's spokesman Sean Spicer couldn't hold back any longer and the pair were off, talking over each other in animated, frenemy-sort of way, marked by irritation but also occasional laughter.

"OK, you cannot be physically in two places at the same time. He was in Salt Lake City—Brad, Brad, shh, shh—," Spicer countered trying to get his DNC counterpart to pipe down. "He was turning around the Olympics as a source of pride for this country. The fact of the matter – hold on – this is a total distraction of an issue. This president needs to start talking about his record, his issues and what’s going on in the economy."


Woodhouse and Spicer continue to talk over each for the next 60 seconds on outsourcing,, U.S. debt, bank accounts, and Bain Capital.

Guest host Luke Russert tried to bring them back to taxes, but Woodhouse stopped him. Turning to Spicer: “Can you tell me why Mitt Romney had a Swiss bank account?”

“No, I can’t, but –


“But why are we concerned about what bank accounts he had instead of the bank accounts of the American people…”

“Because the American people deserve to know.”

The high-pitched messaging war continued throughout the segment until Spicer closed it out by placing a Romney hat on Woodhouse’s head as part of a lost bet.

Happy Friday politicos.